Monday, May 22, 2017

How Safe is our storage?

You may think we have poor security but in essence, we are very Kiasu. Digital Robbers are very cunning so we know what we are doing.

Only a small amount of ETH and BTC is stored in our HOT WALLETS. The rest are broken apart into COLD FREEZE, ie where the Private Keys are stored offsite. Physically and Digitally.
Although our systems are facing the world without any firewall, that is what it is meant to do. Your data is stored in Google Cloud Compute across multiple networks. Internally, its stored across Cold Buckets, encrypted using standard 4196Bit keys, and add to our Kiasuness, we use Storj Community Crowd-Cloud storage, meaning, the data is spread across so many persons, like torrent but secured.

If your digital money exceeds the float allowed, it will be batched off to the cold store. Exceed the cold store, we send to Freezer to ensure it is not taken out.

Your BTC-----[Our HotWallets]++++++++[COLD STORE]===========(FREEZER)

Because we also run a mining pool, our hot wallets are 25BTC max, or about USD60K. We use Coinbase and other exchangers to keep the pool.

As some transactions exceed our base limits, we at Zyraz Technology prefer SGD as basis but we take Ringgit Deposits to our Personal Accounts. We have bank accounts with AMBANK and AL-RAJHI but business banking in Malaysia is somewhat very much lagging... so we do not trust banks.. just like you do. We take deposits via PAYPAL. Secured.

So we are good... if we do get robbed... it may be from a friend... as our connections are Gigabyte GBE Fiber internet...

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