Monday, May 29, 2017

Friendly Exchanges for Malaysian

We did our research and many of the exchanges do not like Malaysians at all. This is due to the International KYC Rules.

We tried out CEX.IO  over the weekend and well, our deposits were fast credited.

Buy Bitcoins with Credit Card

Full Disclaimer:
You will need your passport and license to verify.
DO NOT USE A DEBIT CARD as it will fail. We tested with Maybank and other major ones, it craps out. The banks 3DS system screws up the Secured by Mastercard system.
The card need to have full embossment and 2FA done.
I opted for PHONE CALL IN to do my 2FA instead of SMS as it does not arrive. Unless you use Google Authenticator, which we do not prefer,.

So you do your registration, send yourself (by EMail) the images of card front, back , selfie with yourself, Driving License, Back of License, Selfie with License using your HANDPHONE and download to your local PC. Saves you the hussle of using your webcam which is crap anyway.

Buy-in cost about 3.5% + $1.00 or so.
They allow USD300 a day or $1000 a month. They do take a while to do full verification.

Withdrawal of funds is quite fast actually, depending on your bank.I used MaybankSG and it was credited within few mins of being approved.
They have a $4 FastCard fee and a $20 withdrawal minimum.

Honestly.. unless you trade quite a bit.. then it will be worth it.

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