Monday, May 29, 2017

Friendly Exchanges for Malaysian

We did our research and many of the exchanges do not like Malaysians at all. This is due to the International KYC Rules.

We tried out CEX.IO  over the weekend and well, our deposits were fast credited.

Buy Bitcoins with Credit Card

Full Disclaimer:
You will need your passport and license to verify.
DO NOT USE A DEBIT CARD as it will fail. We tested with Maybank and other major ones, it craps out. The banks 3DS system screws up the Secured by Mastercard system.
The card need to have full embossment and 2FA done.
I opted for PHONE CALL IN to do my 2FA instead of SMS as it does not arrive. Unless you use Google Authenticator, which we do not prefer,.

So you do your registration, send yourself (by EMail) the images of card front, back , selfie with yourself, Driving License, Back of License, Selfie with License using your HANDPHONE and download to your local PC. Saves you the hussle of using your webcam which is crap anyway.

Buy-in cost about 3.5% + $1.00 or so.
They allow USD300 a day or $1000 a month. They do take a while to do full verification.

Withdrawal of funds is quite fast actually, depending on your bank.I used MaybankSG and it was credited within few mins of being approved.
They have a $4 FastCard fee and a $20 withdrawal minimum.

Honestly.. unless you trade quite a bit.. then it will be worth it.

Monday, May 22, 2017

How Safe is our storage?

You may think we have poor security but in essence, we are very Kiasu. Digital Robbers are very cunning so we know what we are doing.

Only a small amount of ETH and BTC is stored in our HOT WALLETS. The rest are broken apart into COLD FREEZE, ie where the Private Keys are stored offsite. Physically and Digitally.
Although our systems are facing the world without any firewall, that is what it is meant to do. Your data is stored in Google Cloud Compute across multiple networks. Internally, its stored across Cold Buckets, encrypted using standard 4196Bit keys, and add to our Kiasuness, we use Storj Community Crowd-Cloud storage, meaning, the data is spread across so many persons, like torrent but secured.

If your digital money exceeds the float allowed, it will be batched off to the cold store. Exceed the cold store, we send to Freezer to ensure it is not taken out.

Your BTC-----[Our HotWallets]++++++++[COLD STORE]===========(FREEZER)

Because we also run a mining pool, our hot wallets are 25BTC max, or about USD60K. We use Coinbase and other exchangers to keep the pool.

As some transactions exceed our base limits, we at Zyraz Technology prefer SGD as basis but we take Ringgit Deposits to our Personal Accounts. We have bank accounts with AMBANK and AL-RAJHI but business banking in Malaysia is somewhat very much lagging... so we do not trust banks.. just like you do. We take deposits via PAYPAL. Secured.

So we are good... if we do get robbed... it may be from a friend... as our connections are Gigabyte GBE Fiber internet...

Our KYC Rules

Assalamualaikum Wrt Wbt.
We at are a community based CryptoCurrency advocates and due to Malaysia Government , specifically Bank Negara Malaysia do not recognise this as a currency or form of Payment Method, we have to employ stringent rules, so we are compliant to Syariah and KYC Rules.
Our Business Entity, Zyraz Technology Berhad, is incorporated in Malaysia, with offices in Singapore and UK where BTC and other Crypto Coins are legit. We understand many Malaysians are not allowed to register for accounts such as coinbase etc.

As such, we require many documents to verify your identity. Malaysians are known not to have updated their addresses on their MyKAD and as such, we will require many documents.

Proof Of Identification
[Mandatory] MyKad + Driving License + Passport (for higher tier)
[Mandatory] Selfie with your ID Card
[Preferred Privilage] Screenshot of your GRAB and UBER PARTNER ACCOUNT with photo.

Proof of address
[Mandatory] TNB and Water Bill - Photo of METER and your home is needed.
[Preferred Higher Tier] Council Tax Bill - Cukai Pintu / Tanah + Photo of your home and WeFie

We use your GeoLocation Tagging on your phone images to determine where you are, and of course save us the hussle and fuss.

CCRIS and CTOS Credit Report - Go to local BNM Office or Verify from CCRIS Online.Cost you nothing. Just register for a MyCCRIS acct.... We don't care you owe Jibby or Ah-Long money... Legal Bits.

Otherwise, print off a FBI AFIS Fingerprinting card and go to your local Police Station to have your prints taken. This is for Preferred Members.

We allow Malaysians outside the country to send in following documents.
Singapore Work Permit / ID Card [Front Back] + Utility/Telco Bill.
UK Driving Licence / Home Office Permit

Proof of Payment Method
[Mandatory] CREDIT or DEBIT CARD (VISA/MC) - Statement Needed
[Mandatory] Selfie with your card is mandatory.
[Mandatory - MEPS M2U] BANK STATEMENT or PASSBOOK - Showing Acct Name and Number
[Mandatory] Bank Statement / passbook showing transfer

We do not accept CASH DEPOSITS to our accounts. Drafts / Bank Check are subject to clear. Currency and Prices are subject to change EVERY SECOND!

We will not ask you for the Key. We suggest you keep it safe. Print it, Keep as Text File and email yourself is also OK. We see it.. we take away your money!

Please Save Your files in the following format:
Create a Google Drive acct, create a folder
Example 771177084414 - MyKad - Selfie
Save to your Google Drive and make it public.
Send us the link to your drive.

This requirements are similar to Know Your Customer basis, and we operate under Money Changer and Remittance License by BNM and a Co-Operative Finance.

Welcome to BTC ETH Trading in Malaysia

We are a registered company in Malaysia and Compliant to KYC in Singapore. You can trust us for your purchase and sell-off of your Bitcoins.

Do mind us as we are re-encoding the servers for the setting up of a compliant system for accounting and buying of coins. Our pricing will be spot against GBP or SGD and due to Ringgit fluctuations.. it's a tough nut to crack. It is very competitive and we accept Credit Cards.

We have a list of documents you need to prepare.. but ensure you have GPS Location enabled when you snap a pic of your documents.

Interests can be lodged here as a comment for the time being. We have agents in JB, KL and Penang.
For the time being, only Malaysians and Singaporeans are accepted. We do need to be compliant.

Compliance Policy

In compliant to Malaysia Central Bank BNM framework of digital currencies pertaining to anti terrorism and money laundering, we would like t...